This has been a tough school year. COVID continues to mess up traditions and experiences we are used to. Add in the stresses of navigating the college process, keeping your gpa up and all of the other things you’re juggling and you are probably feeling a little stressed right now.

Stress is a super-destructive force that can do a lot of damage so it makes sense to find healthy ways to deal with it. There is a lot of great advice out there but I want to point out one easy, inexpensive, you can start today, strategy that is often overlooked.

Be Kind!

Did you know that when you do something kind for someone else, your brain releases a hormone that reduces your stress levels?  And get this, that same hormone lowers your blood pressure. Plus, let’s face it, being nice feels good.

Smile at someone in the hallway or share a compliment. Instead of stampeding by, help pick things up when someone drops them in a rush to class. Say thank you when someone does the same for you. 

Even the smallest act of kindness can make a great difference to the person who receives it. And for you, too.

You’re off to great things.