COVID has given us a pretty messed up school year so far, and to be perfectly honest, it is going to be really easy to let this semester slide across the finish line without putting up much of a fight. The problem is, messed up or not, this semester is still going to count – so what can you do to get yourself sprinting again? 

FIRST, Focus on the big picture. Getting motivated to do anything is always easier when you have an end in mind. College, your dream career, the right gpa for opportunities you really want?  That’s what you’re in it for.

  1. Do whatever you can to disrupt the grind. Set up a different spot to study in, try a different study playlist, change up the times you study, download some new study apps…the point is to get yourself unstuck.
  2. Don’t set yourself up for failure. It’s not realistic to just decide that you’ll end with a 4.0 or ace every single test you have left. What is realistic? Setting goals around the things that will get you there – planning out each of your study sessions, actually doing the assigned reading, or managing your time differently so you can put in some extra effort on an important end of semester report or project. 

You got this!