More than once since summer began I’ve been imagining the sounds of crashing waves, endless blue water, and how great it would be to grab a book and head for the beach.

Surf and sand isn’t in the cards for me, but I did find a way to swim with the dolphins, track a shark and explore endlessly fascinating ocean life. is the site for an organization that collects data that informs scientific efforts to preserve and protect our vulnerable oceans.

For those of us who aren’t scientists, it is a landlubber’s passport to swim the world’s oceans by following a favorite shark or dolphin. There are also turtles, whales, alligators and sea lions. Each of the tracked animals has a name, photo and some identifying characteristics like their size and weight and over time, they have become an important part of my day.

I’ll admit to getting up in the morning and after a little caffeine, checking in on Miss Costa, a white shark and Melanie, a green sea turtle.

There are also all sorts of blog posts about ocean life (especially sharks) and I’ve learned so much by just browsing.  I hope you’ll take a quick trip to beach and check it out.


Be Fearlessly You,