It is HOT and I’m working hard to avoid the sweltering heat and humidity. Still, I don’t want to feel trapped inside while summer passes me by.  Here are a few “compromise” picks to check out.


Homemade Popsicles

40 recipes for tastes ranging from kid-friendly to adult Friday Afternoon Club.


Out after dark

There’s something about looking up to the stars that is completely captivating. Your cell phone can make your viewing so much more fun as you unlock the secrets of the night sky with a great app. It’s like having an astronomer on call.


Saturday afternoon with an old friend

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my ‘tween summers; stuck in that awkward spot between childhood and full-on adolescence.  As with most of my life, books were the ticket to other places and adventuring friends who helped me feel okay where I was. I think when Saturday afternoon rolls around, I’ll escape the heat curled up in one of my favorite reading nooks and venture out with a best old buddy two. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Lord of the Flies….

Check out the reading nooks at the link above for inspiration.


Be Fearlessly You,