Here’s to rest, relaxation and little windows of time to let the mind wander where it will.

  • If you love on-line quizzes and trivia and want to impact world hunger – will probably become your new obsession. Test your knowledge with vocab and subject quizzes about famous paintings, quotes, world landmarks. If you’re ready to find out everything you’ve forgotten since high school, tackle literature, chemistry symbols or human anatomy. You can play for one of 100’s of groups or start your own. Set up an account and you’re a contender for a position as a top player. For each correct answer, the site owners donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme. There is even an SAT section and many of the quizzes make for a pretty good review.


  • Fresh, fun, imaginative. Ukranian artist Alexy Kondakov photoshops figures from classical paintings into utterly mundane everyday scenes. Check it out on Instagram.


  • Happy Birthday Harriet Beecher Stowe. Did Uncle Tom’s Cabin inspire you to confront injustice and fight the wrongs of the world? Celebrate Harriet’s birthday and revisit the novel that changed the world. Reconnect here.


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