With the summer winding down (or at least by measure of the calendar – it’s going to be 100+ degrees where I am today) I’m getting my annual happy feels for the start of a new school year.  There’s something about seeing those displays of shiny boxes of new crayons appear in the stores that hits me with a big doses of both nostalgia and optimism every August. 

With COVID-19 surging back, I find myself a little sad too, and longing for a future less driven by this horrible virus. To cheer myself up, I did a little on-line school shopping and here are a few of my finds. I hope they make you laugh or smile just a bit – or make life just a little easier.  

  • For the Lunchbox:  “The PB-JIFE” is a specially designed knife for stirring, scooping and scraping peanut butter out of big jars without getting your knuckles all peanutty.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon etc.  
  • For the Backpack: Earlier this summer when vaccines were on the rise and COVID in retreat, I got out of the facemask habit and I’m struggling to remember a mask – especially if I’m flitting from place to place. I imagine kids might experience the same and I got excited when I saw these mask lanyards. Love the functionality but also the personality!  This link https://mommypoppins.com/kids/how-to-make-a-mask-lanyard-or-chain will take you to a mom with a DIY tutorial for the beaded version you see here. Mask lanyards are also available at places like Staples and Target. 
  • For the brain: We still have a little time to dust the cobwebs off before jumping back into the books. Math is one of those subjects that requires practice. Each concept builds on the one before so if a student doesn’t quite “get” something, moving on to the next level can be frustrating. Here are two free sites with math games that will help your student review. And did I mention they’re games? 

Prodigy Game https://www.prodigygame.com/main-en/

Math Playground https://www.mathplayground.com/