It’s a new year and a new semester but I’m guessing that some of you feel like you’re still stuck in the same old grind – even though we’ve just had a bit of a break.  Let’s talk about getting motivated – even when the end feels pretty far from sight. Ready?  


Keep it Small. Pick just a few small goals for every day. These aren’t “graduate from college and win the Nobel prize” kind of goals. They’re the little steps that get you moving forward.  Start the week, or the day, with a list of what you need to get done and then break it down into smaller parts. You’ll accomplish more this way because it is much easier to get started. 

Unplug. Now that COVID has us living, learning and working on-line – we can feel more isolated and overwhelmed than ever before.  Shut down your laptop and your phone and give yourself a break from screens. Color, close your eyes and listen to some music, go for a walk…whatever you enjoy. You will feel 100% better.

Continue to study in chunks – 30 minutes on. 10 minutes off.  Nothing kills the spirit like looking at  three solid hours of homework. 

Recruit a friend. Do some of your studying each week with a buddy or in a group.  When we feel unmotivated the tendency is to shut down and go it alone. You don’t have to.  

And last, remember that you only need to handle right now.  The future is definitely up to you – that is true – but you won’t get there overnight so stop trying to handle it all. Your future self will be most grateful for the small steps that you take right now that keep you on course

Have a great first week back.