I don’t know about you, but for me Mondays are definitely a mixed bag. Some weeks I jump right into the flow and knock things out left and right. Other Mondays feel like a long, miserable trudge up a mountain – in a blizzard, wearing sandals. 

Since for many of us, Mondays often focus on what problems need to be solved in the coming week, I wondered,  “what would  Monday look like if all the news I see first thing in the morning news was happy?” So I’m giving it a try.  Here are the places I’m starting my week:


Reddit isn’t really known for being a positive news outlet but this subreddit has a lot of offer. It is crowd-sourced so there is a huge range of material offered. Very easy to do a quick scroll through to find something that grabs your interest. In keeping with Reddit’s structure, the posts do invite discussion. Probably more positive to skip that! 


The new-agey language that describes the site and its readers gave me the impression that it might not be for me (they call their readers Emissaries) but it is one of my favorites so far.  Although it is billed as a “good news” outlet, the site is populated with stories about unbelievably creative thinking and how people are developing wonderful ideas to make the world a better place.  


This is actually a real newspaper published in Britain 3 times per year by writer/illustrator Emily Coxhead. The paper ships worldwide and reads a bit like a small magazine. Sunshine in your mailbox and a good way to get away from screens for a bit.  If you can’t wait for the post office to deliver your positivity, there is a very colorful (and happy) Instagram you can check out. instagram.com/thehappynewspaper/

What are your favorite places for positivity?

And now, fly