Astrotwins – Project Blastoff by Mark Kelly with Martha Freeman

Astrotwins – Project Blastoff by Mark Kelly with Martha Freeman

Astrotwins – Project Blastoff 

by Mark Kelly with Martha Freeman

Readers ages 8-12

This has been an exciting summer celebrating the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and I am really enjoying reading and reviewing books related to space. Here’s the latest. Enjoy!

“Former astronaut Kelly takes a cool biographical fact—he and his identical twin brother, Scott, are the only siblings ever to fly in space—and spins it into an absorbing adventure.” Kirkus Reviews

 A summer visit with Grandpa starts the journey to space for eleven-year-old twins Mark and Scott Kelly. To keep the mischievous boys occupied, Grandpa suggests they build a spaceship and the idea sticks. The boys recruit some pals along the way and the story of an epic summer quest unfolds.

 What I love about this story? Definitely the science that the reader learns alongside the characters is an interesting, contextual way to slip in some knowledge building. The teamwork of the characters is a favorite piece for me, as each contributes and is valued according to his/her strengths – a theme that also runs through astronaut-author Kelly’s Moustronaut picture book series.

 Lastly, the book takes us back to 1975 before “google it” was the standard way to begin a search for information, when calls outside a local area had a surcharge and calculators were expensive tools, not a free phone app.

 A solid summer read and possibly, the inspiration for the next generation of space explorers.

Fast Flight Friday – May 31, 2019

Fast Flight Friday – May 31, 2019

Ah, Fridays and the promise of a little unstructured free time ahead. Sure, there will always be the laundry, but the great thing about the weekend is those little slivers of time that aren’t completely mapped out. If you’re seeking a little something for those little slivers…..

Fly to Mars. Sort of.

Even though it will be years before the first humans set foot on Mars, NASA is collecting names (to be stenciled on chips) to send to the Red Planet with its Mars 2020 rover. Here’s how to hitch a ride:

I love history. Can’t get enough – especially when there is some new discovery or insight I have yet to learn about. It’s easy to while away the minutes (and hours if you’re not careful) on All That’s Interesting a neat site that has good pics and just right article length. They have science and news, too.

Trivia, quizzes of all kinds, and hearing about interesting people? This is one of my fave trivia podcasts to enjoy when I want my mind to soar free but I still have to drive, mow or mop. Ask Me Another from NPR.

Be Fearlessly You.