Fast Flight Friday – May 17, 2019

Fast Flight Friday – May 17, 2019

I keep hearing forecasts for a rainy, indoor weekend ahead. Guess I could clean or organize something, dig into one project or another. Or maybe I’ll …

  • Chill with some music history. At you pick a year, a country, and the site returns a song from that time and place. It’s like traveling the world while taking a dance-break.


  • Bang on the drum all day? Created by designer Jono Brandel, is a “portable animation and sound kit” for your keyboard. Any key from A to Z will produce different sounds with accompanying motion graphics. And, when you’re ready to change it up – just press the space bar to get all new sounds and graphics for each key.

And, some ideas from Teachers First for using Patatap in the classroom



Be fearlessly you!