It looks like COVID 19 is going to disrupt the winter/spring college fair season this year but not to worry, there are still plenty of virtual fairs to take advantage of. 

Like almost everything in life, the key to getting something out of an online fair is to decide that you’re going to really get engaged in it. So, here are a few quick ideas to help you make the most of a virtual fair. 

  1. There will be literally hundreds of schools participating so, check out the roster of exhibitors and make a list of the ones you’re interested in checking out the day of the fair.
  2. A lot of the virtual fairs are offering Information sessions and you’ll definitely want to try a few of those. Many are hosted by a specific college or a group of schools and they’ll have helpful general information, but these are also a good opportunity to virtually meet people from various campuses and get a feel for those schools. Again, you can check those out and plan which ones to attend ahead of time.
  3. And last but not least, be active in the process. Most of the sessions will offer virtual chat so you can ask questions or comment on things you find interesting. 

Oh  wait, one more thing: if you find colleges that you’d like to know more about be sure to reach out and  follow up with them and don’t forget to mention that you found them at the fair. Relationships matter.

You’re off to great things.