Extra curriculars are an important part of high school for lots of reasons; making friends, learning new things, and of course, building your college application. 

A question I get quite often is how many clubs or activities should students get involved in? Is more always better?  

There is no right number of clubs or organizations to belong to.The key is to find things that fit your interests, future goals or, what makes you happy. 

What should you spend your out-of-school time on? Choose activities because they intrigue or challenge you. Look for projects, activities, and experiences that use your creativity and build your leadership skills. Find opportunities that connect you with peers and adults who bring out your best. 

With all of the demands on your time as a high school student, it’s important to choose activities that you enjoy so much that you don’t mind the time commitment or the work involved. 

Bottom line? Some students find room for many activities; others concentrate on just a few. Either way, choose what feels right for you. Because building a better YOU is the whole point.