Have you ever struggled to make something work and then all it once it comes together when you try another strategy – or tool?

That’s how learning is. When students find the right tools that fit the way they learn, they can conquer just about any material. Memorization, organizing ideas, notetaking, managing deadlines, putting together a paper or project are all easier with a system, a structure or a simple tool that brings the pieces together. Fortunately, there are some wonderful free, effective resources out there and my “Monday Mission” for the next few weeks is to tell you about my favorites.   

Today let’s take a look at the free learning and productivity app called GoConqr. Perfect name for a Monday, right? GoConqr is packed with versatile features that are useful for teachers, students and project/study groups alike. Create, save and share quizzes, mind maps, flowcharts, flashcards and notes and use them anywhere/anytime with easy from both a desktop or mobile device. You can also easily embed what you create into other tools you’re using. While you’re checking it out, take a look at the  library of materials that have already been created to help you get started. 

Here’s to a great week. And now, fly!