Up Next

Talented teams make successful organizations, and one of the most important tools available to build those teams is a well-established pipeline. As the competition for talent becomes more intense, businesses will need to “Up” their game to increase the quality and diversity of future candidate pools. 

Finding and developing young talent has been my life’s work. Together with the Up Next team, I can help you develop a future-ready workforce pipeline – customized to your industry and needs including:  

Forming and cultivating effective educational partnerships.

Creating innovative learning events that expose students to your field and you. 

Building, marketing and helping you manage internships for high school and college students.

Leveraging your corporate philanthropy strategy to drive interest in your company.


Working with Up Next brings you 30+ years of human and workforce development experience and the cutting edge methods that yield success. Best of all, a portion of each Up Next contract supports Lead Up, a 501 (c)(3) program that develops, tests, and replicates new approaches to college and career development across a young person’s education. We seek to transform the school experience to both educate AND equip students with the skills and self awareness needed to find their place in the world. 


Reach out to Up Next at Julie@leadupne.org