Weekly Reads

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Bookshelf

Everybody ready for Back-to-School? Or, dreading the return of homework? Today’s Weekly Reads are a few of my top study skills guides that will make all the difference this year. 

How to Learn. A Guide for Kids and Teens by Barbara Oakley, Terrance Synowsk and Allistair McConville.

I like this one for late middle school and early high school. Teaches study and learning tips through the lens of understanding a bit about how the brain works. 


Learning to Learn by Gloria Frender. 

I’ve been recommending this book FOREVER. The illustrations are a little cliché but the tips and techniques still pack a punch. Mastering even just a handful of Gloria’s tools will yield happier study time and stronger grades. Great for early middle school students.  


What Smart Students Know by Adam Robinson

Way more than a collection of study hacks, the ideas in this book take some thought work and practice. But, the underlying idea is that you learn to teach yourself which is a transformative skill that will work with any subject and any grade level. For high school students.   


How to Talk So Kids Can Learn by Adele Faber and Elaine Maslish

For parents dreading the frustration of homework time, this might help. The sequel to the classic How to Talk So Kids Will Listen has great strategies for effective communication, reduction of conflict and ultimately will help you raise a self-directed, self-motivated learner. 



Happy Reading!