It is the month of love after all, so let’s talk about finding your passion. 

First – everything you do in high school isn’t for the sake of an acceptance letter. 

Sure, there are classes you have to take to be admissible and competitive but within that small number of classes you get to choose, allow yourself to study something you love or, try something new. All learning is connected so whenever you get your brain engaged, that’s a win.

Next – Too many students have the idea that there is a straight line from where they are to where they think they want to be. If a chance to do something interesting comes your way: take it. Maybe there’s an internship or job shadowing opportunity available to you. Even if that industry isn’t on your passion list today, you can still learn something. And again, since all learning is connected, you might even come away with skills you CAN use in the future or even clearer ideas about where you’re headed. 

This one is REALLY important. No one finds their passion alone. Make it your mission to surround yourself with mentors, cheerleaders, coaches and people who inspire you. Develop relationships with your teachers, seek out mentors who do the work you’re excited about and read all you can about people who are doing inspiring things. 

And last but certainly not least, Take whatever it is that makes you different, special, interesting, quirky or uncommon, and build on it. Turn it into your unique story. Most of the world’s successful entrepreneurs, inventors, or explorers got there because they saw something in a unique way and pursued it with great passion.

You’re off to great things