About Julie

My name is Julie and I develop world-class ideas, leaders and scholars. You could say, I teach people to fly!

I never wanted to be an educator. In fact on a long list of things I hoped to never become, educator held the place of honor.  

Yet, supported by all of the amazing teachers and mentors who taught me to fly, and a few weird twists of fate, I found my way to what is my lifelong passion: learning.

I’ve helped hundreds of students find their way, created professional development programs for professors, teachers, mentors and coaches and even founded a non-profit to test and experiment with my best ideas for helping all kids learn and succeed.  

My goals in life are NOT to buy a yacht, drive an Aston Martin or buy and re-hab a run down Italian villa (although that movie was pretty great.) 

What do I aspire to? To always live in the companionship of dogs, inspire those around me through the actions that I take, never spend a day without reading, and to live permanently in the high that comes from helping someone become their best self.